Instagram Makers/Craft Market (From Home)

March 27, 2020

Makers Market From Home virtual craft market

Frozen Tundra Designs is super excited to participate in an online makers /craft market on Saturday, March 28, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm GMT (see image below for your own time zone!), hosted by @MakersMarketFromHome on Instagram.

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Enjoy a makers market from the comfort and safety of your own home. FT will be one of over 100 makers from around the world participating in this event, so there is sure to be something for everyone! Each maker will be setting up their actual market stall inside their house and posting images/videos to the Instagram market live via the host, @MakersMarketFromHome and with the hashtag #MakersMarketFromHome.

To celebrate this amazing step forward, Frozen Tundra Designs will be offering free international shipping and 20% off everything in the shop for one day only: Saturday March 28, 2020, from midnight to midnight MDT (GMT-6)! Use code VirtualMakersMarketDay at checkout!

Benefits of a virtual market versus a traditional market:

  • No pants required.
  • No walking required.
  • Does not contribute to viral spread.
  • Can browse from in bed.
  • It’s online, so even if you get there late, the sellers don’t disappear! (though you’ll miss out on items that have already sold)
  • It’s incredibly easy to follow any maker or artist you like.
  • You can support individual makers and artists in very troubled times!
    • Even if it’s just a “like” or “follow” or repost!!
  • It won’t rain (unless you take your device outside and it’s raining there).
  • No crowds!
  • You don’t have to carry purchases around! They’ll be delivered right to your door*!
    • *Assuming your mail is delivered to your door…
  • No one’s lives are being endangered!
  • Did I mention you can shop amazing artists and makers in your pjs at home without leaving your couch????

Join in on Instagram during that time for live updates and video streams. If you are in a time zone closer to mine here in Edmonton, check in when you wake up Saturday morning! If you wake up after the event has ended, swing by the page anyway – these are online sellers and other than sold items, everything will still be there to browse!

Hope to see you there at this first Makers Market From Home!

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