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Science-Inspired Jewelry

DNA Series

Double Helix Designs

Molecular Series

3D Molecular Models

Of The Land

Bone, Wood, and Botanical Designs

Of The Sea

Pearl, Shell, and Test Designs

Of The Sky

Astronomy Inspired Designs

Welcome to my Obsession

I design and handcraft unique, thoughtful jewelry that speaks to me.

Join me as I explore science through jewelry and the science behind jewelry.

Silver double helix DNA strand bracelet hand-wrapped with glass beads in four shades

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Inspired by science, these designs represent scientific concepts and constructs from biology, chemistry, and astrophysics and/or highlight gorgeous biological or geological materials. 

Elegant sterling silver middle finger earrings with cubic zirconia

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Sparkly, shimmery, gorgeous. This is my “distracted by shiny objects” collection. Constructed with stunning materials that catch my eye in classic or innovative designs – these are where I let my creativity fly.

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Looking for inspiration? Just want a break staring at pretty things? Explore past and present designs in the Frozen Tundra Galleries. (These include items no longer for sale.)


Learn More About the Science

*Coming Soon* Read about the science behind the materials and designs in the “What’s That?” series.

Don't Miss Out!

The majority my creations, with the exception of a few product lines, are one-of-a-kind pieces that will not be duplicated. As a result, the shop is always changing as items are added and sold. To avoid disappointment, buy the pieces you love when you find them! Check back often, follow us on social media, or join the mailing list to stay up to date.


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    Testimonials are written by people who have received designs as gifts or through other, non-standard means and are offered in place of a product review.

    I am the proud owner of two beautiful pieces!  The choker in the pictures is my absolute favourite.   Rachel took all my personal preferences into account and made me an absolutely stunning, one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.  Her ideas are amazing, and everyone who sees this necklace asks about it!

    Keltie A

    I like my new necklace made by Rachel. I like turquoise stones and design. If you wear it even on T-shirt you will make fashion statement. You must have one. Instead of buying new wardrobe, buy some jewelry.

    Miljana K.

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